St Laurence Church, Asheldham

 Asheldham Youth Church

The Church was  built in the first half of the fourteenth century. The tower has battlements.

The Hall and the ancient Asheldham Camp adjoin the church.

The  Church closed in 1986 and is now used as a youth centre.

Worley's - A dictionary of the County

In 1915 George Worley wrote about the Church in his Dictionary of the County

The church is of flint, stone and rubble, and mainly of fourteenth century date. though the greater thickness of it's walls, and the lower stages of the tower, would seem to indicate a much earlier foundation.
The thorough restoration of the fabric in 1866/67 has taken away most of it's antiquarian interest but has left some odd features e.g. the sedilla and piscina in the chancel.
The coloured glass in the windows and the general equipment and decoration are modern.
It seems that there were once 3 bells, but now only on, which was recast in 1884, with the inscription
Sancte Petre ora.
Registers start at 1721.

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