Robert Barnard

Born  on 23 November 1936 in Burnham-on-Crouch to Leslie and Vera Barnard.

His grandparents were:-

 Frederick and Cecilia Barnard who lived in Marsh Road, Burnham on Crouch with Frdderick employed as a hay binder.

Thomas Theodore and Rose Nettercoat who lived in Station Road, Burnham on Crouch with Tom working as a sailmaker and chandler.

Leslie and Vera were married in 1929 and moved in with Leslies mother at 18 Marsh Road where they wee living while Robert was born but by 1939 they had moved to Brighloingsea to further Leslies occu[pation as a journalist.

Robert was educated at Colchester Grammar School before gaining a place at Balliol College, Oxford University education.

He then held jobs at Universities in Australia where he met his wife followed by  Norway and the UK whilst writing the books that launched a glittering career as an author.

Robert Barnard was much more famous in the USA than he was in his own country with a writing style of mysteries that were cosy at a time when british crime writers were becoming more gritty.

As Robert Barnard he is the author of 36 best selling novels featuring the characters Perry Trethowan, Charlie Peach and Oddie which are read throughout the world.

He died on 19 September 2013 by which time he as living in Yorkshire.