Bradwell Lock Up


Until 1840 law enforcement was in the hands of elected part time Parish Constables who were responsible for bringing offenders before local Magistrates or for trial at Quarter Sessions held at Chelmsford.

In many Parishes a lock up was built to house these prisoners. Serious cases were kept in the lock up and then taken to the assizes by the Constable.

On of the few remaining examples of a lock up is found in East End Road, Bradwell on Sea.

The red brick lock up at Bradwell-on-Sea was built in 1817 by Samuel Horne at the cost of 3 10 shillings 9 pence and the pillory added to in 1823 by attachment of stocks to the outside.

When the Constable had a busy time six prisoners could be accommodated inside the cage and up to 5 people attached to the pillory to become objects of pity or derision to passers by.

Stocks/Whipping posts are attached to the left door jam.

One ring on the pillory is very low making it suitable for use with small children.

Records from 1592 indicate the presence of a pillory used at the time of the market. There is no indication as to the location of the previous pillory - it may have been on the same site or near Down Hall Manor where the market would have been held.

The lock up is a grade II listed building.

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