Burnham Town Council

Until 1974 Burnham-on-Crouch Urban District Council administered local affairs for Eastern Essex including Burnham on Crouch. The reorganisation of local government saw Burnham UDC amalgamating with Maldon RDC and Maldon UDC to form the new Maldon District Council.

Burnham Town Council was formed to represent the parish of Burnham on Crouch at Parish Council level.


Town Mayors of Burnham Town Council

1974 E H Samuel
1975 S J Hull
1976 R N Sadler
1977 J Dowding
1978 S J Hull
1979 Mrs M L Freeman
1980 Mrs M L Freeman
1981 K Sarling
1982 I D Crisp
1983 I D Crisp
1984 A E Brown
1985 A E Brown
1986 K Sarling
1987 G J Blaney
1988 G J Blaney
1989 T Martin
1990 T Martin
1991 J A Vallance
1993 J H Smith
1995 M J Wood
1997 Mrs R A Buck
1999 T Martin
2001 Mrs P Wells
2003 Mrs R A Buck
2005 P G L Elliot
2007 Carol Noble


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