St Stephen's Church , Cold Norton


The Original St Stephen's Church  but it was demolished in 1835 to make way for the current church which was built .

The original church was built in the 12th century in weatherboard with a small spire

By 1800 a lowering of the number of parishioners was blamed on the poor condition of the church and so the old church was demolished in 1835 

The current church was built by Mr G E Pritchett in a non traditional style in 1855.

In about 1950 the Bell Tower was unstable and was demolished. The bells were put into storage but have since been stolen.

The only items left from the original church are  a brass dated 1520 dedicated to an unknown lady and the pulpit and reading desk which are believed to have been made from oak beams taken from the demolished church.

Memorials inside the Church

Maude Cammocke died 23 September 1599 , Maud was the wife of Robert Cammocke and daughter of John Tasburghe of Flixton , Suffolk

Will Walker JP who died 9 December 1708 age 68 years.

Will lived at Cold Norton Hall where his Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father all of the same name lived.

Will had a wife and 16 children.


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