All Saints Church , Creeksea


Creeksea Church was rebuilt by Mr F Chancellor on the site of the old 14th century church.

The interior has a 15th century font and a brass dated 1631 of Sir Arthur Harris of Creeksea Place.

The church reflects the use of material  from the old church with its mixture of red brick, flint and tile.

The one bell was cast in 1552.

In 1906 the church was badly damaged by a fire caused by a stove in the centre of the church .

Major Restoration

By 1875 the condition of the church had deteriorated and an appeal was launched, by the Rector Rev H W Milligan, to raise money to pay for the repairs.

One year later the appeal fund stood at 410 pounds which although considerable for the time demonstrated that this appeal would take some time to succeed.

Various functions took place supported by the religious community from the area.

A good example was a a concert held in July 1877 at the National Schoolroom, Southminster at which three invited musicians from London performed with support from local residents .

Local performers - Misses Woodward, Tyacke and Ella Kemp - Messrs. Kempton, Hooper and Neale.

Named attendees-Rev G C & Mrs Berkeley, Mrs & the Misses Mills, Rev J W Mills, Rev J W Carns, Mrs Wilson, The Misses Kemp ( Creeksea), Mr & Mrs Tatham, Mr & Mrs W Page, Mrs J Page, Mr J Page, Mr R Page, Miss Page ( Dengie), Mr & Mrs Robinson, Mr Latty, Mr & Mrs H Kemp, Mr J & Miss Kemp ( North Wycke), The Misses Kemp ( Wellingtons), Mrs Leslie Kemp, Mr & Mrs Richardson, Mrs G J A Richardson, Miss Hawkins, Mrs H Pannell, Miss Rush, Mr & Mrs Fleming, Miss Stammers, Miss Spells, Mr W Hurrell, Mr J Gale, Mr & Mrs C Read, Mr A and Miss Attenborough and Mr Chillingworth.

The highlight of the evening was reported to be an encore of 'Come into the garden, Maud' by Mr Hooper which elicited rapturous applause.

The fundraising was completed and the restoration was completed in 1906 .

Sadly on the celebratory re-opening service in September 1906 the Rector, Rev Henry Mawson Milligan, was too ill to attend and so it was led by Rev Herbert Brown from St Lawrence.

Rev Brown paid tribute to local resident Mr William Rome of Creeksea Place who had not only donated about half the costs but has personally overseen the repairs.

He also paid specific tribute to the efforts of the Misses Kemp from Creeksea Hall and the Rev Milligan.

Both the Rev Milligan and William Rome died within a year of the re-opening for which they had worked so hard over many year but we are still able to enjoy the fruits of their labour over a hundred years later.

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Worley's - A dictionary of the County

In 1915 George Worley wrote about the Church in his Dictionary of the County

The church was rebuilt in 1878 in the decorated style, retaining the original south doorway; also the old octagonal font and some funeral monuments.

Fragments of chevron moulding built into the walls indicate a Norman foundation.

Registers start in 1749.