St James Church , Dengie


The original dates of the church are unknown although the nave and chancel were rebuilt in the 14th century.

The walls use Roman bricks and rare yellow bricks which have been dated as 14th century. Also in the walls are a mix of brown stone, flint and pebble.

The bellcote, north vestry and south porch were added in the 19th century.

A gargoyle greets visitors to the church

The Church owns a cup with two bands of ornament dated as 1565.

In 1880 the incumbent Rev E Warmington designed and installed an ornately carved piscina and sedilla.

Floor slabs are dated 1520 showing 5 kneeling boys, 2 kneeling girls and a woman with head dress and dress girdle.

The village war memorial is set into the wall of the church. 

Dengie Churchyard

The Churchyard surrounding the Church has not been used for over 50 years.

Burials now take place at the churchayrd about 250 yards to the east of the church.


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Worley's - A dictionary of the County

In 1915 George Worley wrote about the Church in his Dictionary of the County

The small village church is built of stone and flint in the fourteenth century style.

The rood staircase remains; but much of the antiquarian interest has been lost in over-restoration.

There are two bells in the open turret, one modern(1849) and one ancient. The latter by Thomas Bullisdon is inscribed Sancta Maria ora pro noblis and (on the waist) Sur Thomas Norys Vekery presumably the Vicar at the time.

Registers start from 1559.