Charles Hay Sweet Escott

Charles Hay Sweet Escott was born on 27 May 1846 to Rev Charles Sweet Escott and his  wife Sarah Ann

Rev Charles Escott was Vicar of Tillingham from 1859 to 1879 and brought his wife and 13 year old son Charles Hay Sweet Escott to live at Tillingham Vicarage.

As a fit young man from a wealthy background Charles was immediately drawn into the lively sporting and social world of cricket led by the Page brothers.

Charles was an immediate success as a lively bowler and over the next few seasons developed as a reliable his batting and became a fine all-rounder.

At this stage there was no formal country cricket but there was a representative team called the Gentlemen of Essex who played fixtures against the gentlemen of other counties.

Prominent club players were selected to play for the Gentlemen of Essex.

Charles became a regular player for the Gentlemen of Essex from 1868.

Once Essex Cricket Club was formed in 1870 Charles was selected to play for Essex and continued to play for Essex until he retired from county cricket in 1880 after the death of his father in March 1879 at which point he and his mother moved to Shenfield and so Charles began to play from Brenwood Cricket Club and played on unil he was in his 50's.

After his mothers death Charles remained a bachelor and continued to live at at  Shenfield until his death.

Charles died on 11 August 1920.