Rev Walter Lyhart

Lyhart was a fellow of Oriel College, Oxford who was appointed as Rector of Bradwell on Sea in 1440. His time at Bradwell was limited to 4 years as in 1446 he was appointed as Bishop of Norwich. During his term at Norwich the Cathedral, which was in poor repair,  was paved, the nave and the beautiful Rood Loft were completed.

In 1449 he entertained King Henry 6th to dinner at the Bishops Palace, Norwich and obviously made a great impression as he was sent by the King as an ambassador to Savoy later that year.

On his death he left the large sum of £10 for the poor.

On his death he was described as having an amiable and conciliating conduct integrating himself so much with the citizens as to obtain their esteem and reconcile all differences between them and the clergy.

This ability obviously helped him in his best known role in brokering the reconciliation in the Roman Catholic world, which had split with factions recognising Pope Felix V and Pope Eugene IV, by helping to persuade Felix V to renounce his claim to the papacy.