Maldon Grammar School

Although sited outside of the small corner of Eastern Essex covered by the site the Grammar School at Maldon was the nearest Grammar School to this area and so would provide an educational option for children of the wealthy inhabitants.

The origins of the school are  lost in history and subject to several theories although the identity of headteachers can be traced back to the 1400's.

As with many medieval records there are frustrating gaps and entries in records which allow several interpretations to be made.

It is indeed possible that schools were opened by benefactors and then closed when funds or the will to operate failed on several occasions during this period.

A more concrete history can be traced from 1621 ad onwards starting from 1608 when Ralph Breeder left the considerable bequest of £300 for the maintenance of a  schoolmaster to teach grammar in Maldon.

Ralph Breeder operated shops in Maldon although most of his wealth came from farms at East Newlands, St Lawrence  plus Itlney and Neyland Wick in Mundon where he grazed sheep on the rich marshes.

The school was established at St Peters Church where it continued until 1817 although the number of boys and the quality of teaching seems to have varied considerably.

By 1817 only a handful of boys remained and the school operated on short term rents at a number of premises in Maldon

In 1907 the Board of Education opened a new Grammar School in Fambridge Road and added an extension in 1932 forming the shape of the building that we now recognise as the Plume School

The grammar school survived a bomb which landed in it's playing fields during World War One but it did not survive the move to comprehensive education becoming a secondary school in 1970.

This page represents a quick précis of the history of the school.

The are several sources of further information.

Firstly ex Maldon Grammar schoolboy William John Petchey wrote an excellent little book in 1958 called Maldon Grammar School 1608-1958.

This book also contains a list of the headmasters from 1407 to 1958.

Secondly eminent local historian Stephen Nunn has added greatly to this information with information  that can be viewed on  Plume School Website

There is further information at Maldon Museum, Essex Records Office and the Plume Library at Maldon.

A list of headmasters from 1612 to 1912 can be visted if you click here.