Quaker Burial Ground, Steeple

 The establishment of the Quaker movement at Witham in the 1600's led to an expansion in the movement throughout Mid and Eastern Essex.

The Quaker meeting decided that there was a need for a Quaker burial ground and so land was rented at Batts Road, Steeple where a plot of land called Lords Croft was rented and a burial ground created.

The first burial took place in 1685 and from then it was taken into use by the Quakers from Witham and Maldon.

The centre of the movement in the area remained at Witham and Maldon and so as time passed the burial ground was found to be remote from the main centres and a new burial ground was built at Witham.

By 1773 the burial ground was no longer in use and was eventually abandoned by the Quakers.

Today there is little to be seen of the Burial Ground.

The records of burials were maintained with the church records if Steeple Parish Church and can be accessed at Essex Records Office.

Records still survive of the deeds and rental of the burial ground which provide some names of local Quakers.

July 1693

John Woodward of Mundon

Thomas Retford of Stow Maries

Daniel Hardy of Stow Maries

Thomas Paulsgrove of Purleigh

Joseph Wright of Mundon

Thomas Woodward of Steeple Grange

James Tallen of Purleigh

Mention is made of adjoining land that was owned by John Woodward and John Blackwell.


Thomas Retford of Woodham Mortimer

James Tallen of Heybridge

William Wright of Mundon

Thomas Rutlidge of Maldon.

Micah Corder of Steeple

Alexander Flack of Mundon

Thomas Briden of Maldon(draper)

James Tallen (The younger) of Heybridge

John Woodward of Witham

Joseph Wright of Mundon

August 1727

Micah Corder of Feering

Alexander Flack of Mundon

Thomas Brinden of Maldon (draper)

James Tallen of Mundon

James Balckwell of Southminster ( butcher)

September 1760

Micah Corder of Feering

Thomas watts of Witham

George Gibson of Maldon (draper)

November 1784

George Gibson formerly of Maldon but now of Saffron Walden (draper)

October 1809

Thomas Dowcra of Purleigh ( farmer)

Joseph Dowcra of Purleigh ( farmer)

Benjamin Puplett of Purleigh ( farmer)

Thomas Harvey of Maldon ( baker)


The rent of 1727 and 1760 also related to a building at  North Lane, Southminster with a yard

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