Royal Burnham Yacht Club


The Royal Burnham Yacht Club (RBYC) occupies a central position on the Quay at Burnham .

The RBYC was formed in 1895 by a group of gentlemen yachting enthusiasts that included two Burnham Men - Dr R Robinson and Merchant J B Richmond.

A small clubhouse was built on the site of the current Clubhouse. art of the original is still incorporated into the modern building.

In 1927 Royal approval was granted bestowing the title Royal to the Burnham Yacht Club bring the number of Royal Yacht clubs in Burnham to two.

Over the years the club continued to expand although there was a short period during World War Two when the building was taken over by the Nave and became HMS Matthew with responsibility as a mine depot and as a training centre for landing craft.

At the end of the war the club was returned to its normal use and continued to provide a centre of excellence for yachting.

Within the town it is simply referred to as "the Burnham"

Ella McGurk has written the definitive book on the RBYC - A history of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club.

An abridged version of which is available on  the website of the RBYC click here


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