Will of William King

The will of William King, landowner at Southminster & Althorne

To poor 5 marks.

To son Benjamin (under 21) my copy lands in Southminster & Brightlingsea and to his heirs, in default to son Peter

(under 21) and his heirs.

To son Peter & his heirs lands in


To son James (under 21) lands in Canewdon and to

his heirs in default to son William (under 21) & his heirs.

To son William and his heirs lands in Paglesham in default to son

James & his heirs.

Should all sons die without issue then all the

freehold Vdn&s to my daughter Dorothy (under 21) & her heirs,

in default to my daughter Elizabeth (under 21) & her heirs; and

all the copyhold lands vice versa.

The child my wife goeth with.

Various moneys to children.

Household stuff one half to wife

Will Made 2 Sept., 1599