Wills Index

Wills are one of the most valuable resources to family historians as they are a personal document that puts 'flesh on the bones' of basic facts.

They will often provide details of occupations, possesions, relatives, surnames of married daughters, and often indicate their personality by bequests and preferences.

The main source of wills in this area are the National Archives and Essex Records Office.

Some wills have been transcribed and are reproduced on this site.

The index on this page shows the names that can be found in those wills.

The person making the will is the top name with any other names mentioned will listed below. Click the persons name to read the will in full.

James Barrett of Woodham Walter 1843

Harriet Barret (Wife) of Woodham Walter

Harriet Elizabeth Barrett (child) of Woodham Walter

Cornelious Barrett of Childerditch

Bella Barrett

Rececca Barrett

Richard Woodfine of Shenfield

 Hannah Carder of Purleigh 1849

John Ruggles of Great Totham

Elizabeth Fairhead of Great Braxted

William Fairhead of Great Braxted

Mrs Allaker of Purleigh

Mary Ruggles of Great Totham

John Webb of Springfield

Susannah Taylor of Hertfordshire

Sarah Webb of Tolleshunt D'Arcy

James Webb of Tolleshunt D'Arcy

Elizabeth Weaver of Goldhanger

James Weaver of Goldhanger

Rebecca Drain of Woodham Walter

John Drain of Woodham Walter

Mary Drain of Woodham Walter

Rebecca Drain of Woodham Walter

Elizabeth Linnet of Woodham Walter

John Linnet of Woodham Walter

Thomas Carder of Mundon

Joseph Carder of Mundon

Hannah Carder of Purleigh

Stephen Freeman of Pitsea

Ellen Freeman of Pitsea

Ann Freeman of Pitsea

Hannah Freeman of Pitsea

James Carder of Purleigh   1835

Ann Way

Hannah Carder

William Lewis

Robert Fagg of Purleigh 1807

Mary Joyce nee Fagg

Elizabeth Joyce nee Fagg

Lydia Reynell Nee Fagg

Josua Joyce

Henry Reynell

Romaine William Clarkson

 John Faunce of Purleigh  1582

John Faunce

Robert Faunce

Jonas Faunce

Alice Reinolde

Alice Corsye

John Webb

John Garwood

William Hatch of Bradwell on Sea 1835

Mary Lewis of Tollesbury

Charlotte Winterbon of Southminster

William Hatch of Bradwell

Susannah Hill of Woodham Walter 1841

Edmund Lovatt of Woodham Walter

Mary Ann Lovatt of Woodham Walter

Amelia Richardson of Rochford

Charles Richardson of Rochford

Edward Middleditch of Purleigh

Samuel Horsemanden of Purleigh 1769

Barrington Horsmanden

Daniel Horsmanden

Ursula Horsmanden

Lucretia Horsmanden

Thomas Abbott

Thomas Horsemanden of Purleigh 1630

Jane Horsmanden

Daniel Horsmanden

Richard Horsmanden

Martha Horsmanden

Anna Horsmanden

Rebecca Horsmanden

John Streater

Katherine Baldwyn

Richard Baldwin

Elizabeth Cobham

 Ursula Horsmanden of Purleigh 1773

Daniel Horsmanden

Ann Horsmanden

Lucretia Horsmanden

Mary Moody

Ann Hollingworth

Elizabeth Bridgwater

William King of Southminster  1599

Benjamin King

Peter King

James King

William King

Dorothy King

Elizabeth King

Benjamin Kinge of Southminster  1613

Benjamin Kinge

Edmond Kinge

Robert Kinge

Thomas Kinge

Samuel Kinge

Edward Kinge

Bartholemew Kinge

Elizabeth Kinge

Sarah Kinge

Christopher Hanworth

Alice Hanworth

John Lord

Shawe Kinge

Jane Gaywood

Abel Death

Mr Wilson

Edward hayes

Bethsephora Dove

Thomas Kinge of Purleigh 1588

John Bennett

Christopher Kinge

Edward Kinge

George Kinge

Ralph Pudsey

Thomas Hasker

John Kinge

Elizabeth Freake

Ellen Buries

Thomas Carter